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Let’s face today’s reality and say that a strong digital presence has become the center focus of many businesses. Mobile app development services are now being sought out more than ever by businesses trying to meet customer demands of a mobile experience. Not everything is done from a desktop at home or in an office, anymore. People want convenience and accessibility to the services they seek at the palm of their hand. With mobile applications I can make your business and ideas available to everyone by developing a responsive display that works across different platforms. Your customers will be able to access your business from a phone, tablet and desktop anytime they’d like.

Mobile App Development Process


Mobile App Development Process

Let’s Consult First

Whether it is face-to-face, online, via Skype or on the phone I begin the Mobile App Development process with a consultation. That way we can establish a working relationship that can help me envision your mobile app through your perspective. I always suggest having the aesthetics and functionality prepared in order to have a strong foundation for the next step.

Then Plan Out the Wire-Frame

Before app development goes into production a wire-frame is necessary to serve as a blueprint of the project. A wire-frame also allows me to create a budget and time line for the mobile app development stage. With the wire-frame you’ll be able to see what the finished product will look like and what it will do.

Begin Project Development

You’ve made it to production, but we have just begun. There are different phases within the stage of mobile app development and the size of the project determines how many phases are necessary. However, through out the development process you will have access to a client panel that lets you watch your mobile application develop.

Optimize with Support & Maintenance

Most applications include complimentary Programming Insurance for a certain amount of time that insures flawless functionality. But once mobile app development is completed I offer support and maintenance for continual functionality and optimization beyond development.

Now We Market Your App

You have come this far to develop your app. Now what? Well not only can I develop your application, I can also market your app using digital marketing strategies to get it out there for everyone to enjoy. Using Search Engine Optimization and PPC Management services I have the ability to take the app development process to the next level.

So how about we get to work?

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Mobile App Features


Usability & Support

You can have an interface that focuses on usability for a better user experience with a striking look and feel.


Customizable / Personalize

Personalize you app. Adjust settings like colors, font sizes and most importantly, privacy settings if it happens to be a social app. Select anything from a “skin” to reorganizing the menu.

social media

Social Media Integration

Use Facebook Connect or another single sign on technology solution to allow your customers to use their social media logins to sign into the mobile app and keep them signed in.


Application Analytics

A key component is to incorporate analytics into your mobile app. Track and identify user experience and actions. On the basis of this information you might see, in which way to upgrade the app.


Offline Capability

Create a positive user experience while your users are on the go, online or offline. They shouldn’t have to stop using your app just because they have a weak signal.


Feedback System

Give your users a quick way to report bugs, provide questions, comments or concerns, maybe even suggestions. User feedback can shape the future of your app.


Good Performance

Speed of loading mustn’t keep users waiting. With quality assurance that is part of the software development process I can guarantee good app performance.



As a meticulous programmer I take the necessary steps to maintain your app and its users secure and stop leaks of users’ private information.


Responsive design

Adjust your layout dynamically according to the screen dimensions of the device they’re running on. I provide an automatically responsive user interface model to generate an optimized experience on every device from a single code base so that you don’t have to worry about the details.



Great apps allow for updating. Have an easily updateable app to not only fix bugs but to also incorporate user feedback and provide improved features and functionality across all devices.

Our Customer Says


We produced over 500 hours per week of development through Eric Gil and his consulting firm, he created ecommerce applications and mobile apps that created revenue for our company.

Mike Arias, CTO,

We needed someone we could trust with our team and budget, and Eric Gil was able to be that person. We are publicly traded and found that Eric’s knowledge of business and programming exceeded our expectations.

Roger Miguel, COO,

Eric Gil has developed multiple applications for us and showed us how to properly create, and structure our development team.

Raul Cordova- Director of Operations, Kforce Government Solutions

I have worked with Eric Gil personally and he was given the responsibility of building our commercial product and he showed the leadership, integrity and professionalism that brought our product to the next level.

George Reyes, CEO –



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