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well, then look no further. I have personally worked with both small and big companies, to dramatically improve their code quality, deliver optimal performance, cut spending & increase productivity.


Eric Gil-Remote consultantPHP Specialist & Web/Mobile Developer

By working directly with CTOs, Marketing Agencies and Clients I have been able to improve their team, projects and increase efficiency.

But not only that, I owe my success as a PHP consultant for the past 15 years to each and every project I have been so lucky to be a part of. Throughout the years I’ve gained and refined many development skills like special programming, accurate technical analysis and frameworks.

With my years of experience I have been able to provide PHP development guidance to over 20 IT startups and 100 established businesses. I’m proud to say I’ve helped them collectively gain thousands of new customers online through successful project delivery.

However, I don’t ever stop working on improving my skills. I attend annual PHP conventions and constantly look for evolving certifications as a way to also keep up to date with the latest development trends.

With me, you can be sure that your project is in great hands.

If you like what you hear so far, keep going.

How Am I different From The Rest?

I provide a complete PHP solution.

Many PHP experts only manage some of the interface itself. But, crafting the right Framework, Strategy and Functions effectively on landing pages or a website is only 2/3 of the battle.

However I offer it all to you: Strategy + Website Design + AdWords Account Management. That means I can take your project to the next level by optimizing it for AdWords lead generation and tailor it to your unique business model,niche and target markets.

I’m your guy.

Other developers try to offer their services, but are unable to deliver. They dabble with PHP experience, yet take too long delivering, come up with excuses, or try to sell their work tactics that don’t necessarily work with your company. I change that status quo by focusing exclusively on the project requirements in order to deliver excellent code, on time and with no excuses. I have meticulously developed a strong track record of success so I can say: ‘If you need a PHP expert in order to reach new and better prospects, then I’m your guy’.

You get me.

Also, on top of all the excuses, many developers give you undivided attention at first. But then hand you unwanted code or disappear with an incomplete project. My services and values are different. I personally develop your work plan, help you lead the project, and optimize the workflow to improve delivery. I answer all your calls and emails myself and provide a higher level of dedicated service because I don’t work with more than 12 clients at a time. I know this sounds great, but I must say, I also don’t come cheap. But here’s why…

You get my team.

Most PHP developers are flying solo, which can limit the scope and depth of their services. I’ll be honest, I’m no web designer, graphic designer, UX designer, Java developer, JQuery expert and I don’t personally have the time perform all the small background requirements necessary for successful projects. So over the years I’ve developed a talented and reliable team that handles these supporting tasks perfectly well. They not only allow me to deliver a complete PHP solution to you, they can also adapt to work with your current team to meet specific goals. In simple words, you’re getting more than you bargained for.

What Clients Say About Me

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We produced over 500 hours per week of development through Eric Gil and his consulting firm, he created ecommerce applications and mobile apps that created revenue for our company.

Mike Arias, CTO, KarismaHotels.com

We needed someone we could trust with our team and budget, and Eric Gil was able to be that person. We are publicly traded and found that Eric’s knowledge of business and programming exceeded our expectations.

Roger Miguel, COO, Fonu2.com

Eric Gil has developed multiple applications for us and showed us how to properly create, and structure our development team.

Raul Cordova- Director of Operations, Kforce Government Solutions

I have worked with Eric Gil personally and he was given the responsibility of building our commercial product and he showed the leadership, integrity and professionalism that brought our product to the next level.

George Reyes, CEO – PayAnyBiz.com

I’m the right person to add to your team and not just to deliver a project…

I will focus on your business model, crystallize your niche, get your business to stand out, and help reach your target markets.

Are you in need of a PHP developer?
Do you want to work with a professional?
Is your industry competitive, but you can’t afford to hire a full time onsite developer?
Or do you just not need a full time onsite developer?

If the answer to any of all of these questions is yes, then you’re in the right place.

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So here’s my offer to you:

Tell me about your business and your project(s) on the following page and I’ll personally reply via email by telling you how I can help you achieve your objectives.

If you see that I can help your business, and if you like my answer, then we’ll schedule a call.

I want you to see me as an asset, not a liability so think about this before contacting me.

Are you ready to find out if I can be an asset?

Eric Gil

Your Personal PHP Consultant

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