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A website can give your company not only a good first impression, but also a lasting one. So why not go for a customized web design filled with creativity and functionality that resonates with your audience. I can implement the best technology, responsive designs and provide custom code and hosting infrastructure to have your website running on the right direction.

Custom Development Process

Custom Development Process

custom development

Initial Consultation

Whether it is face-to-face, online, via Skype or on the phone I begin the process with a consultation. That way we can establish a working relationship that can help me review the high level requirements of the project. I always suggest having the aesthetics and functionality prepared in order to have a strong foundation for the next step of custom development.

The BRD & Budget

Before a custom development project goes into production a Business Requirement Document (BRD) is necessary to serve as a blueprint of the project while also allowing me to create a budget, design, cost and time line for the development stage. The development stage will not commence until a formal review and sign off of the BRD, Time & Cost and Terms of Development along with Design costs have been paid in full.

Project Development

You’ve made it to production, but we have just begun. There are different phases within the stage of project development and the size of the project determines how many phases there will be. However, through out the custom development process you will have demonstrations of the project periodically until it meets all your needs.

Project Testing

Testing before running the software live in your business is necessary. The final project will be tested against the initial business requirements to ensure that all requirements were met. For your custom development project to launch the testing process must be complete.

Product Launch

After testing, final product installation occurs on production servers first, then the workstations. Once completed, your custom development project will enter the maintenance stage, which includes bug fixes and other improvements throughout time. Maintenance is necessary in order to keep your product at its best. It also includes performing routine actions which keep the device in working order or prevent trouble from arising.

Your Custom Development Project is Now Ready to Launch!

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Custom Development Features


Different Platforms

I offer cutting-edge platforms such as Java, .Net, PHP, iOS, Java Script, Linux, Windows and others to develop custom development initiatives.



Custom development meets your unique business requirements with flexibility. You have the option of making changes and adding features more easily than with out-of-the-box projects.



Custom development allows your business to perform processes exactly how you want them done and it is customizable. You can include exactly what you need while also discovering new wants and needs as the project progresses.


Support & Maintenance

I offer support and maintenance for continual functionality and optimization beyond development. Also, with quality assurance I secure endpoints, integrate the cloud and secure data without slowing performance.



Continual testing and refining creates efficient and sophisticated results to fit your business model at a lower cost than out-of-the-box software projects for better functionality.

social media

Social Media Integration

Use Facebook Connect or another social media platform so customers can connect with your business and stay connected.

Our Customer Says


We produced over 500 hours per week of development through Eric Gil and his consulting firm, he created ecommerce applications and mobile apps that created revenue for our company.

Mike Arias, CTO,

We needed someone we could trust with our team and budget, and Eric Gil was able to be that person. We are publicly traded and found that Eric’s knowledge of business and programming exceeded our expectations.

Roger Miguel, COO,

Eric Gil has developed multiple applications for us and showed us how to properly create, and structure our development team.

Raul Cordova- Director of Operations, Kforce Government Solutions

I have worked with Eric Gil personally and he was given the responsibility of building our commercial product and he showed the leadership, integrity and professionalism that brought our product to the next level.

George Reyes, CEO –



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