Eric Gil - Remote Consultant

PHP Specialist & Web/Mobile Developer

Eric Gil helps bussiness owners, CTO’s & Marketing agencies on delivering high-value customers satisfaction development.

He has over 15+ years of experience in developing websites, applications & ecommerce solutions. He is based in Miami, Florida working for clients across the US.

Eric is a PHP Zend Certified.

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Specialties: PHP Development, WordPress Development, Joomla Development, Drupal Development, Codeigniter Development, CakePHP Development, Magento Development, Zend-Framework Development.

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If you need help in…

WordPress Development, Joomla Development or Drupal Development I can help you Whether it is face-to-face, online, via Skype or on the phone. What I do is begin the consultation process. That way we can establish a working relationship that can help me envision your requirements. I always suggest having the aesthetics and functionality prepared in order to have a strong foundation.

Our Plan Out the Wire-Frame

Frameworks is necessary to serve as a blueprint of the project while also allowing me to idea of the development stage. With the Framework (Zend, Codeigniter, Laravel or CakePHP) I will be able to see what the complexity of the project and see how I can help you on improving or fixing any issues you may have.

Begin Magento Project or Fix?

If you’ve made a Magento or just begun. There are different phases within development and the size of the project determines how many phases will be needed. However, through out the development process I can help your application develop.